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John Orrin Chase
Chase, Inc. - Factotum

(a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities)
born: January 31, 1947

Work History

At the age of 15 I got a job as an auto mechanic at Ray's Garage (now defunct) in Bloomington, MN.
I overhauled engines and transmissions (standard and automatic).
I also did some auto body repair and painting.
At age 21 I got a job at Tel-E-Lect, Bloomington, MN (now Terex) as a truck painter.
There was an opening in the machine shop for a radial drill press operator which I was awarded.
Over the next 5 years at Tel-E-Lect I ran every machine in their machine shop
(lathes - horizontal and vertical, mills - horizontal and vertical, grinders - cylindrical and surface and tool & cutter).
This led to getting a job at Metro Machine, Bloomington, MN where I continued my skills as machinist.
After that I spent 9 years at J&E Manufacturing, Lakeville, MN as a tool & die maker and press room foreman.
The next 23 years were spent at Northwest Airlines.
4 years in the machine shop.
Then 13 years as an FAA licensed aircraft powerplant mechanic in their engine shop, fuel metering shop, hydraulics shop.
I worked the last 6 years at NWA in the jet engine test cell where, after engines are overhauled or repaired in the shop,
they are run to assure engine performance meets requirements before hanging on wing.
After 2 years in the test cell I became the specialist of all the equipment used to test the engines including the
data acquisition system in the 747/757/DC10 engine test cell.
This system was comprised of a Hewlett Packard UNIX® server being fed engine parameter information from an HP LynxOS VXI.
In 2003 Northwest management asked me if I could resurrect the DC9/727 engine test cell which was built in 1965.
In recent years it had been used only for simple engine runs like leak checks or generator tests.
By myself, I conceived, designed, engineered, programmed and installed the world's first PLC/PC Windows® based jet engine test cell data acquisition system.
This system uses an IDEC PLC with IDEC DC input, Relay output, analog input,
and MOD-MUX inputs via an IDEC MODBUS RS232 communication gateway.
Until the fleet of P&W JT8 powered aircraft was retired in 2013 this test cell was still in use in the Delta Airlines MSP Engine Test Facility.
In 2005, at age 58, I retired from NWA but still maintained the test cell until 2013 on a contract basis.
In addition to the above, my wife and I started Hollywood Images (an entertainment agency) in 1990
and Troll City (online collectible sales) in 1995 both of which are subsidiaries of Chase, Inc.


My main expertise is in gleaning data from huge databases.
I can produce reports which cannot be done with SQL.
Very useful for audits to find subtle discrepancies in data that may indicate unethical behavior.
Whatever you can conceive I can do.
You can do as little as scribble on scratch paper how you want report to look.
I will create macros which allow your employees to produce reports or audits with the click of a button.
Output in Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF or any other format the user may desire.
The result will be reports that are consistent in appearance and accuracy.

Excellent grasp of the English language, grammar and composition
I have an innate ability to be competent with software at first use

(all of the following I have done professionally)
Visual Basic programming ♦ Northwest Airlines - Delta Airlines - Chase, Inc.
PLC Ladder programming ♦ Northwest Airlines - Delta Airlines - Chase, Inc.
Windows Scripting ♦ Northwest Airlines - Delta Airlines - Chase, Inc.
HTML programming ♦ Chase, Inc.
Computer hardware - installation and repair ♦ Northwest Airlines - Delta Airlines - Chase, Inc.
Too much software to list - ask me if I have expertise in your desired area
Auto Engine Troubleshooting & Overhaul ♦ Ray's Garage
Automatic & Manual Transmission Overhaul ♦ Ray's Garage
Horizontal Mill ♦ Tel-E-Lect - Metro Machine - Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Vertical Mill ♦ Tel-E-Lect - Metro Machine - Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Horizontal Lathe ♦ Tel-E-Lect - Metro Machine - Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Vertical Lathe ♦ Tel-E-Lect - Metro Machine - Lee Stamping
Tool & Cutter Grinder ♦ Northwest Airlines
Surface Grinder ♦ Tel-E-Lect - Metro Machine - Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Cylindrical Grinder ♦ Northwest Airlines
Blanchard Grinder ♦ Northwest Airlines
CNC Machining Center ♦ Northwest Airlines
Punch Press ♦ Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg
Sheet Metal Brake ♦ Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Tool & Die Maker ♦ Lee Stamping - J & E Mfg - Northwest Airlines
Fuel Metering components troubleshooting and overhaul - Northwest Airlines
Hydrualic Pumps, Actuators and Motors troubleshooting and overhaul - Northwest Airlines
Jet Engine Overhaul ♦ Northwest Airlines
Jet Engine Toubleshooting & Testing ♦ Northwest Airlines
Auxilliary Power Unit Troubleshooting & Testing ♦ Northwest Airlines
Aircraft Sheet Metal ♦ Northwest Airlines
Oscilloscope diagnostic of electronic components ♦ Northwest Airlines
Electrical system debugging and maintenance ♦ Ray's Garage - Bloomington Speedy Car Wash - Northwest Airlines
Hydraulic system maintenance ♦ Northwest Airlines
Photographer ♦ Hollywood Images
Audio Engineer ♦ Hollywood Images
Artist (Oil & Airbrush)
♦ Hollywood Images
Digital Graphics Artist ♦ New Hope Community Services
Website Design & Services ♦ Chase, Inc. - Hollywood Images - Troll City - MPLOA - Broadway Limousine - Evolution Tattoo - New Hope Community Services - Mobile Media


Graduate of Bloomington High School 1965.
I attended the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology 1965 through 1967.
I quit college when determined I had enough self-discipline to educate myself in any endeavor I wanted to pursue.
(As you can see from my work history I have done so.)


FAA Licensed Aircraft Technician
FCC Radiotelephone Operators License General Class

Published Author

Infinitesimal Happenstance (2015)

Personal Facts

John Orrin Chase